Quality Garden Construction & Design
Buying good quality lawn turf and careful preparation is key to ensure a perfect lawn is achieved. We commonly have to deal with ‘clay’ soils when working in a garden. The soil structure is such that drainage will not be effective, resulting in a wet, slippery lawn. In dry summer months the soil may crack and be very hard.

When faced with this problem attention is given to improving the existing soil structure. This can be achieved by inserting a drainage system into the lawn and covering the whole area with a suitable top soil, ash or turning sand to a depth of at least 50mm. In the longer term aeration work may need to be carried out. On small lawns it is probably cost effective to remove offending soil and replace with a good quality top soil.

Once the lawn is down, maintenance is key to ensuring your lawn lasts the test of time. Regular cutting keeps the lawn thick, tidy and deters weeds. When grass grows faster during the summer a cut every week is recommended. Feeding regularly with a lawn fertiliser will make it greener and thicker which helps resist weeds and moss. There are different formulations depending on the time of year you are feeding.