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At Juniper Landscapes we offer a comprehensive range of garden construction services. Please take a moment to browse through a variety of what we have to offer and perhaps get some inspiration for your garden design.

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We recommend the use of Natural Stone for your paving. Available in many colours and shades, Indian Sandstone is hard wearing and easy to maintain. Amongst the unique qualities inherent in natural stone are the subtle colour variations within a single stone, from one stone to another and the differing riven profiles.

Natural sandstone setts are available in various shades and sizes. Setts are used to make an impressive random paved area with loads of character, or to add interest by edging or infilling a larger paved area. Setts are also particularly effective when laid in two or three courses around a natural sandstone circle.

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Walling can become a focal point of your garden design. Even if rendered to give a contemporary finish or built using a reclaimed brick, a wall will outline a view, leading your eye to different parts of the garden.

Reclaimed bricks are bricks that are rescued from old buildings and cleaned up. Their edges are typically worn and irregular and they may have remnants of mortar due to their original use. Many will have fine creases, characteristic folds and variations in colour that typify old brickwork.

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Natural Stonework can offer both a rustic or contemporary feel to a garden wall. If built using reclaimed sandstone or a concrete wall faced with Caithness stone, natural stonework will improve the appearance of any landscape or garden. Natural stonework requires little maintenance and will last for years, all the time improving with age.

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Blending timber with stone looks great in a garden and a deck can be a good way to achieve this. Decking available in various softwoods and hardwoods are easy to maintain and are only required to be cleaned and re-oiled once a year.

The hardwoods have the advantage of being extremely durable and less slippery in wet and frosty conditions. There is also a grip deck available on the market consisting of a blend of resin, fillers and hard wearing anti-slip aggregates. Matching railings and balustrades or even toughened glass surrounds can give your deck a cool contemporary look.

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Often overlooked as an integral part of the overall garden design, fencing has the potential to expand or decrease the visual impact of your garden. Fencing can also form pockets of interest by making you walk round something or to enter a different area of the garden. It can screen off ugly features, compost bins or garden sheds and can complement pergolas or decking.

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Water brings an added dimension to a garden. It brings reflections, sparkle and with the use of a fountain, musical sounds. There are many options available when deciding on a water feature. You can pick from: formal or natural, traditional or modern; choose from open ponds or enclosed water features. There is something available to suit every style and size of garden.

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Garden lighting adds a different perspective to a garden, extending the day is just part of it. Properly placed lights can dramatise trees, highlight your favourite shrubs, fountains and flower beds. Illuminated steps, paths and driveways will prevent after dark accidents.

Importantly, lighting is positioned to create shadow as well as light, silhouettes are achieved with back lighting. Night lighting your landscape offers a creative way to showcase your home and property after dark. Lighting plans are available on request.

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​Planting is an integral part of designing a new garden and a good planting design will provide interest all year round. Plants are chosen to provide structure, colour and scent.

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​We now offer the opportunity to enhance your outdoor living space with the installation of a bespoke wood fired oven. These ovens create a unique focal point and add a new dimension to any garden. Due to their versatility of being able to bake, char, grill or smoke amazing tasting food of all kinds means you will be find yourself cooking outside more and more. Once the sun goes down and cooking is finished they are also great source of heat. Please contact us for more information.

We also supply Whisky barrel firewood made from oak barrels which provides a long hot burn with with fantastic aged whisky aroma.

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Buying good quality lawn turf and careful preparation is key to ensure a perfect lawn is achieved. We commonly have to deal with ‘clay’ soils when working in a garden. The soil structure is such that drainage will not be effective, resulting in a wet, slippery lawn. In dry summer months the soil may crack and be very hard.

When faced with this problem attention is given to improving the existing soil structure. This can be achieved by inserting a drainage system into the lawn and covering the whole area with a suitable top soil, ash or turning sand to a depth of at least 50mm. In the longer term aeration work may need to be carried out. On small lawns it is probably cost effective to remove offending soil and replace with a good quality top soil. Once the lawn is down, maintenance is key to ensuring your lawn lasts the test of time. Regular cutting keeps the lawn thick, tidy and deters weeds. When grass grows faster during the summer a cut every week is recommended. Feeding regularly with a lawn fertiliser will make it greener and thicker which helps resist weeds and moss. There are different formulations depending on the time of year you are feeding.

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